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 Half-Life 2D

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Administrator (G-Man)
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PostSubject: Half-Life 2D   Half-Life 2D Icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2014 2:24 am

Welcome to the Half-Life 2D Mod Project

Currently working on the HL2D Mod
If you want to see some maps - to show off how the mod looks like please visit Unrealsoftware.de and try the current experience for yourself.
Please remember the mod IS NOT DEAD - i will continue working on it from time to time - so stay tuned for updates like : Maps,Sprites & ETC.
You can also find some of my maps based on Half-Life on some other servers... So keep an eye out & enjoy

I really want to thank these people :
Phenixtri (Dead - Unrealsoftware User)
Useigor - (Master of CS2D : Skins)
Starkkz - (For his great scripts)
DC - (For his great games & his great website)
& all the fans (dead fans) of this mod.

Currently we need scripters for the mod!
If you know how to script in CS2D & want to help - please contact me here or on Unrealsoftware.de
(Night Till Death)

Show some of your work & we will apply you for the job.


If you what to find out information on Half-Life 2D - Mod Progression, Recent Updates & Etc.
I will keep you informed of all the details on this website - or on MODDB.

These are the recent screenshots - of maps that are WIP (Work in progress) - Please note that no details will be given out on what the maps are or what they will be.
Half-Life 2D CounterStrike2D_2013-06-09_00-10-55-39 Half-Life 2D Blast_pit_test_run_00009
Half-Life 2D Lighttest2_00014Half-Life 2D CounterStrike2D_2013-06-09_00-11-01-83
We also have a Steam group - in steam, so if you are a fan - you can join us. (Details will be added later.)

Also if you want to see some videos - take a look at these :

We might be doing Live Streaming - For those who are interested in what we are doing & how.

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Half-Life 2D
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